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The Importance of Listening

October 31, 2012 Trackback Arkmillworks Edit

In just about any industry, customers love to do business with professionals who show genuine interest in them and actually act on their concerns. Therefore, it makes sense that businesses looking to develop relationships prioritize nurturing consumer relationships and building rapport.

The same holds true for the construction industry!

Having to deal with clients with varying personalities, necessities and demands is one of the challenges faced by today’s home builders. And while many companies in Canada are succinctly equipped with the latest tools, skills, training, and gadgets, not everyone builds the loving spaces that their customers look forward to retiring to after a hard day’s work.

Client Considerations

High-end custom construction firms, such as A.R.K., sell a promise to create the dream spaces that their clients love inhabiting. As such, A.R.K. invests heavily in client relationships that are built upon a concrete foundation of understanding and respect. This means that our firm fully grasps the whims and inner desires of our clients, and we strive to deliver utmost comfort, quality and awe in our productions!

Impressive credentials, experience and qualifications may initially interest our clients, and we have all of these, but these are not enough to sustain lasting relationships which remain strong throughout the project and continue for many years to come. It is, in fact, how our staff treats and listens to our clients that makes us the superior choice in our industry when compared to our competition.

Client Relationship Building Process

The opportunity for building long lasting customer relationships first presents itself during the initial meeting. One way for architects, designers, and general contractors to deal with customers is to get down to business right away – we believe this to be a big mistake. It is not enough to inquire about the specifications of the house. We like to observe our clients on a deeper, psychological level and inquire about their tastes and preferences and how they would like to live and love in their homes for years to come.

We take note of personality, lifestyle, interests and other pertinent information which then helps us visualize the right design for our clients. As such, we engage in casual conversations which foster comfort and bond. When our clients feels that we are open to their suggestions and demands, it is easier for them to formulate the blueprints that best satiate their tastes.

But it shouldn’t end here.

As our firm proceeds with the construction, it is vital for us to communicate regularly. It helps to indulge and invite participation. The best homes are built by both firms and their hands-on clients. After all, integrating their “voice” in the process voids off the possibility of having to re-do the designs. Note that a house, no matter how striking, is just an ordinary place if it doesn’t satisfy the client’s whims and wants – and this is what we're all about.

Who’s the Boss?

It is not rare to hear about an architect or other decision makers in a contracting firm dismissing an idea and exerting their superiority over their clients. Indeed, it is easy to hamper the suggestions of homeowners since they know nothing of structural design and other technicalities involved. We prefer to use our wisdom to take our client's suggestions and incorporate their ideas in such a way that they satisfied, but so are the many technicalities that must be met for us to do our job properly.

At the end of the day, it is our clients who will spend years of their lives in these beautiful places. Therefore, giving them the home that they dreamed of is the only thing that matters.

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